Compatibility Testing

Environment compatibility testing is most important, repetitive and time-taking testing.

QualiTlabs provides comprehensive Compatibility Testing services across various devices, operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, different versions, configurations, display resolutions, etc.
Compatibility testing is the most important task – that ensures that the application under test (AUT) behaves as desired across a broad set of end-user operating environments with different versions and configurations. An increase in devices, browsers, operating systems, databases, etc., has mandated organizations to ensure that the product is rendered and functional across these platforms and prevent expensive bugs/errors from entering production. In an ideal situation, applications are expected to test comprehensively on ‘all’ possible platform combinations before production; however, there are many constraints, including time to market, budgetary, resource availability, etc.

Our Compatibility Test Services Suite Includes

Based on the software specifications, we verify application under test (AUT) compatibility against the following elements in the environment –

  • Operating systems compatibility testing
    • Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, etc.
  • Browser compatibility testing
    • Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chromium, etc.
  • Mobile Device platform compatibility testing
    • Apple devices, Android devices, Microsoft devices, BlackBerry devices, Kindle, etc.
  • Web Server compatibility testing
  • Database compatibility testing
    • Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DB2, etc.
  • Other components in the ECHO system which impact the behavior of the application under test  
    • Such as social networks, payment gateways, NET framework, JVM, 3rd party software, anti-virus software, MS Office, Platform/software that AUT is built-top-of, etc.

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