Delivery Model

We understand the fact that the needs of every client are different. At QualiTlabs, we ensure that we understand your business goals and offer you the engagement model that best fits your business needs.

Time and Material (T&M) model | Dedicated team model

The T&M model works best for customers who want a flexible and agile project execution.This model works best when requirements change frequently and are generally used for product/application development projects.

Fixed price model | Outcome based model

The fixed price model is perfect projects, where requirements, specifications, and schedules can be clearly defined before the testing starts for your product/application. If client cares more about the result and not the means in would be achieved with, this model is more than appropriate.

Private crowd sourced testing model

Crowdsourced testing model best, where products/applications to be tested on a large number of platforms and devices to ensure they are bug-free and ready to go live. QualiTLabs uses the free pool of experienced test engineers to work in this model on demand basis.