Salesforce Testing

Faster, efficient, and cost-effective testing of your customized Salesforce applications

Salesforce is the world’s first cloud-based CRM that offers cloud services using its Classic platform and new Lightning platform; The Lightning platform offers several functional and security features with an improved UI experience.

Salesforce’s USP is all its features can be customized based on the customer requirements; whether a business uses the Salesforce Classic or Lightning platform, a company often needs to customize the default Salesforce application to suit their business needs.

Salesforce Testing 

The main goal of Salesforce testing is to test the customized application features rather than those built into Salesforce (SDFC).

At QualiTlabs, we help our customers who are based on Saleforce platform with validation of – 

  • customized/enhanced/configured Salesforce features will not fail in production
  • Custom cloud applications built on Salesforce
  • Salesforce flows
  • Integrations with other enterprise applications work flawlessly
  • Salesforce updates or patches doesn’t cause regression issues with your existing or new features

We specialize in most of the Salesforce Cloud services. Our wide range of testing services covers all modules of Salesforce cloud applications, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Services Offered

  • Functional Testing- QualiTlabs has a well-defined Quality Assurance process for Salesforce testing to ensure cloud readiness, customized/enhanced features stability, flows collect data & perform actions, the inbound and outbound integrations works as expected, and custom workflows created are working as per business requirements.
  • Automation Testing-. In today’s Agile sprints, the only way to deliver applications faster in today’s Agile sprints is to incorporate test automation. The advantages include ease of maintenance, using resources more efficiently during off-peak hours, and generating reports based on executed tests. QualiTlabs provides specialized Services for software test automation using market-standard Automated Software Quality tools.
  • Production Testing– Salesforce production testing allows us to check whether customization, configuration, and programming have been properly migrated from the sandbox to the production environment.
  • Performance TestingQualiTlabs provides complete performance testing services to clients to support businesses, boost customer trust, and improve the market success of the goods. Our lab experts guarantee that products meet all critical performance standards, and our load testing approach ensures that clients get optimal system performance.

Why Partner with QualiTlabs for Salesforce Testing?

  • Faster, efficient, and cost-effective testing of your customized Salesforce applications
  • Expertise in the Salesforce eco-system of components and testing diversified applications.
  • Benefit from the best automated functional testing solutions for Salesforce

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