Latest news: QualiTlabs is a Jira-Xray Test Case Management Solution Partner.

QualiTlabs is a Global Pure Play Software Testing Services Provider


QualiTlabs is a Jira-Xray Solution Partner

QualiTlabs is proud to announce our partnership with Xray, the leading Test Management solution for Jira. With over 5.6 million users across 5,000 companies, including renowned names like BMW, Samsung, and Airbus, Xray is at the forefront of test management applications.

As a Jira-Xray Solution Partner, QualiTlabs is committed to assisting our customers worldwide who leverage Jira as their project management tool. Our services include Xray Test Management tool implementation, integration, consultation, customized solutions, license management, and more.

QualiTlabs excels in seamlessly integrating any test automation tool with Jira-Xray using its proprietary integration plugin. This integration allows automation test results to be seamlessly posted into Jira, along with supporting evidence such as screenshots, videos, etc. This streamlined process enables the generation of comprehensive reports, including the Requirement Traceability Matrix, thereby enhancing overall testing and reporting capabilities.

Partner with QualiTlabs to enhance your testing capabilities and streamline your project management process with Jira-Xray integration.

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QualiTlabs is a BrowserStack Solution Partner

App & Browser Testing Made Easy with BrowserStack: Experience flawless testing across multiple browsers and platforms with BrowserStack’s cloud-based testing platform, enabling you to deliver pixel-perfect experiences to your users.

By partnering with BrowserStack, QualiTlabs gains special access to a powerful cloud-based testing platform that streamlines their testing process, reduces infrastructure setup time, and empowers them to focus on delivering high-quality software. The partnership also gets access to BrowserStack’s dedicated support team, ensuring timely assistance and guidance. QualiTlabs can also leverage their partnership to request new features as their customers need, further enhancing their testing capabilities and meeting specific requirements.

Driving Quality Excellence: QualiTlabs Partners with Perforce for Enhanced QA Capabilities

As a proud Perforce partner, QualiTlabs gains access to a wide array of cutting-edge tools and resources that enhance our quality a

ssurance (QA) capabilities. Perforce’s suite of tools, including BlazeMeter for performance testing, and Perfecto for continuous testing across web and mobile applications, empowers our teams to conduct comprehensive QA assessments across various platforms. Leveraging Perforce’s industry-leading solutions, we ensure the seamless integration of QA processes, streamline testing workflows, and deliver top-notch software products to our clients. This partnership reinforces our commitment to excellence in software testing and underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the QA domain.

Perforce – QualiTlabs partner page


QualiTlabs is a LambdaTest Solution Partner

LambdaTest is a game-changing cloud testing platform that empowers businesses to accelerate their go-to-market strategies with secure, reliable, high-performance test execution. With its robust infrastructure built for scale, LambdaTest enables seamless testing across multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems, ensuring optimal compatibility and user experience. Say goodbye to testing bottlenecks and embrace the power of LambdaTest to deliver quality software faster than ever before.

Through this partnership, we can seamlessly execute automated test scripts (such as Selenium, Cypress, Katalon, etc.) and manual test cases across an extensive range of 3000+ browsers, real devices, and operating systems offered by LambdaTest. With LambdaTest’s comprehensive suite of continuous quality test products and our solution partners’ expertise, we can cater to our customer’s diverse testing requirements in one place, ensuring a holistic and efficient testing process. Together, we provide a powerful testing ecosystem to enhance our customers’ testing capabilities and accelerate their software delivery.

LambdaTest Solution Partner


Empowering Excellence: QualiTlabs’ Dynamic Partnership with Katalon

Through our strategic partnership with Katalon, QualiTlabs gains access to the cutting-edge features of Katalon Studio, an advanced software test automation tool. Katalon Studio, a leading AI-driven software quality platform built on the robust foundations of Selenium and Appium, empowers our teams to streamline testing processes across diverse platforms including web, mobile, desktop apps, and APIs. Leveraging Katalon’s innovative capabilities, we are equipped to deliver superior digital products and seamless user experiences. With support for continuous testing, Katalon accelerates our software quality initiatives, enabling us to align with the agile and DevOps methodologies for swift and efficient product delivery.

Katalon-QualiTlabs partner page


QualiTlabs is a member of HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association).

We are excited to announce that QualiTlabs has become a proud member of HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association). This membership opens up a myriad of opportunities for us, including enhanced networking with industry peers, access to valuable resources and industry insights, representation in advocacy efforts, increased visibility within the local software community, and participation in various events and conferences. We look forward to leveraging our HYSEA membership to further strengthen our presence in the software testing services domain and drive continued growth and success for QualiTlabs.

HYSEA is a unique industry initiative and a non-profit organization that strives to bring together the various IT and ITeS Organisations in Telangana under one umbrella to network, share knowledge, and work closely with the Government and other industry stakeholders to expand into new areas of business, social development and economic prosperity of the state.


QualiTlabs was featured in Silicon India Magazine as “Top 5 Innovative Software Testing Companies In India 2019”


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