Customer Experience (CX) Testing

The app ecosystem is moving beyond computers, tablets and smartphones to just about every connected device you can imagine

Why digital customer experience?

  1. As people – customers, consumers, prospects – use ever more digital channels and devices in their interactions with brands and organizations, there is an exponential attention for digital customer experience.
  2. New World Quality Report shows testing isn’t just about functionality anymore.
  3. Enterprises around the world have dramatically ramp-up their adoption of digital strategies, which makes testing and quality assurance (QT) more important to IT than ever.
  4. Digital Customer Experience is the primary differentiator for success.

Testing in the new Digital world

As the digital world evolves with the arrival of new devices, options and channels, so are Digital Customer Experience Testing.

With sensors embedded everywhere, the world is becoming increasingly connected. From toothbrushes and thermostats to security systems, appliances, and other emerging connected devices, the app ecosystem is moving beyond computers, tablets, and smartphones to just about every connected device you can imagine.

To ensure your devices and apps stand up to real-world situations and maintain their high level of quality no matter what they’re put through, you need to move a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the wild with the poor connectivity and less-than-stellar conditions found in the real world.

Key principles of Digital Customer Experience testing

  1. Emotion/reaction is the Key driver
  2. Understanding customer Intent
  3. Multiple platforms/devices and understanding how they are exchanging the data concerning the application under test (AUT)
  4. Persona-based test Strategy
  5. CX is a continuous journey
  6. Social media connection
  7. Crowd-sourcing / CCG testing helps