Installation & Configuration Testing

It is very important to make sure that user does not face any difficulties while installing the software.

For Enterprise applications (desktop or windows based), it always requires proper installation and configuration testing prior to product release to avoid risk of facing installation errors, miss configurations on customer environments. The testing process may involve full, partial or upgrades install/uninstall processes.

It is even more important now as there are different ways to distribute the software. Instead of traditional method of software distribution in the physical CD format, software can be installed from Internet, from a network location or even it can be pushed to the end user’s machine.

Our Services include

Installation testing

  • In various operating environments
  • In operating environments with all possible/supported pre-conditions
  • Using various installer versions & in different modes – silent, Quiet, Unattended, etc.

Upgrade testing

  • Application Upgrade Testing
    i.e. upgrade installation testing from different older versions to current version of software
  • Technology Migration Testing
  • Database Migration testing

Remote installation/deployment Testing

  • Verify remote deployment using Active Directory deployment
  • Verify remote deployment using System Management Software

Repair/change installation

Uninstallation & post Uninstallation verifications

Installation/Deployment tools expertise  

  • Microsoft installer (msiexec command)
  • Active Directory deployment
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS 2003 & 2007)
  • InstallShield
  • Anaconda (Linux installer)

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