Full Life-Cycle Testing

QualiTLabs offers comprehensive functional testing services to ensure that your software product/application - conforms to stated/documented behavior and specifications.

QualiTLabs has well-defined Quality Assurance process ensures our teams find all important defects at the beginning of the Test Cycle, gives more time for development team to fix the issues, this we achieve using Risk based testing – priorities functional tests for every release based on risk involved and performs testing on high risk areas at the beginning of the test cycle.

As part of the functional testing we make sure

  • Our Software product conforms to stated/documented behavior and specifications by Maintain traceability
  • Matrix between the requirements, test cases and bugs
  • Find most of the important defects at the beginning of test cycle via risk based test techniques Find regressions
    introduced in already working code
  • Compatible with operating environment – operating systems, browsers, Web servers/application servers,
    protocols, underlying technology versions, etc.
  • Our testers are trained to find user interface and user experience (UI/UX) related issues
  • Reduce possibility of ‘Not-Reproduced’ defects by providing enough information in the defect report
  • Compliance with standards that your product is supposed to be complied with certain standards such as HIPAA 5010, FATCA-compliant, etc.
  • Make sure that your product is well integrated with external systems (if it supposed to be)
  • Provide Test reports to help you make decisions; reports include – Quality assessment report,
    Defects reports by Priority & functionality, Test execution results report, daily & weekly status reports, etc.
  • Once application functionality at matured enough, we recommend Test Automation to reduce cost and risks during next release
QA Process

If your Product demands we do perform the following tests

  • User Acceptance testing
  • Installation and configuration testing
  • Navigability testing
  • Data Base testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Usability testing

We follow the below Test case design techniques where ever applicable

  • Business requirements driven test
  • User interface driven test cases
  • User case driven test Cases
  • Data flow driven technique

As part of the functional testing we make sure

  • User Acceptance testing
  • Agile software development (Scrum & sprints)
  • Rapid application development (RAD)
  • CMMi process