key takeaways from World Quality Report 19-20

key takeaways from World Quality Report 19-20

Posted by admin | Posted On July 14th, 2020 | Quality Assurance

WQR has huge content and very useful, I tried to keep very short here in this post, hope that helps the audience –

Here are key takeaways from World Quality Report 19-20

  • key business drivers such as business growth, end-user satisfaction, cost control, and security, are the indicators for the importance of quality.
  • QA is helping business growth and improving outcomes
  • Testing and Automation remain some of the most critical factors to deliver software reliably and securely, Test Automation is making a difference but has brought specific challenges
  • Automation rates are rising, providing value
  • the traditional skills, such as product risk analysis, test planning, and test management are regarded as outdated because they are seen as slowing down the development too much, At the same time, we observe that new skills and technology solutions, such as Test Automation, data analytics, and AI technologies, are in high demand since they help deliver the business value and improved software quality faster.
  • Agile and DevOps methodologies are taking off, and organizations increasingly see testing as an integral part of development, both in-house and as part of a third-party service offering
  • recommended to develop intelligent adaptive test scripts that respond to the changes in UI
  • AI & ML in testing need to focus on efficiency and effectiveness 
  • AI is gaining momentum, expand AI-related skill sets within the team
  • AI-based testing, test data management are on the rise
  • Security now a key objective for QA and testing

Key recommendations from the WQR

  • Build a smart and connected testing ecosystem with intelligent analytics
  • Expand AI-related skill sets within the team
  • Raise awareness and visibility of test environments
  • Reimagine test automation as a platform
  • QA teams should increase automation in security testing